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bus_oppBest Business to Start

You can have a Home Based Business in $43 Billion Pet Care Industry and enjoy:

  •   > Tremendous 1st year ROI
  •   > Unlimited Earnings Potential
  •   > Low risk Top Start up Business
  •   > Proven recession-proof industry
  •   > An Exclusive marketing territory*
  •   > Excellent full or part-time income
  •   > Ability to Work from home


New Business Opportunity

Indoor Pet Fence Containment SystemTremendous 1st Year ROI & Earnings potential with a new business opportunity: Be the driving force for your own, unique Dog Guard dealership! The market potential is extensive and pet lovers in your area may be unaware of the many benefits of a Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fencing System. You can introduce them to the best veterinarian approve dog fencing system to keep their pets safe. The cost of a Dog Guard Out of Sight fence is about 10% of the cost of a traditional fence, and there is no maintenance or view obstruction. The system will offer safety and security for dog and cat owners in your market area. Your sales, return on investment and earnings can be equally impressive! The harder you work, the bigger your return on investment potential becomes.

Low Cost Franchises

Low-Risk, Recession-proof Market dealerships available! People LOVE their pets and love to pamper them. That’s why they spend over $43 billion a year to care for them. Most Dog Guard customers are professional or retired mid- to upper income home homeowners who just want to keep their pets safe and on their property, WITHOUT obstructing their view or the hassles associated with maintaining a traditional fence. And they are more than happy to buy from a local dealer and neighbor they can trust!

Home Based Business

*Exclusive Marketing Territory: All Dog Guard products are sold through an exclusive network of professional dealers. As a Dog Guard Dealer, you will be awarded an exclusive marketing territory, along with your own website, professionally designed and developed to generate valuable sales leads from consumers in your area that are actively searching for your products and services. This home based business opportunity will allow you to work as many hours as you want, make as much as you want, and allow you to spend more time with your family.

Low Cost Business Start Ups

dog guard suppliesExcellent Full or Part-time Income: You can own and operate a low cost business start up like this by yourself or with your spouse. Many Dog Guard Dealers prefer the autonomy that comes with running your own home based business. Dog Guard Dealers are well disciplined professionals who love dogs and pets, and enjoy working with and helping other pet lovers. With the added advantage of being able to sell a well-known and established, veterinarian approved product. As a low cost business start up you also get the benefit of a home office and corporate office marketing support.

You can grow your dealership and create a large, successful business employing dozens of people to help with sales, installation and service. Your home based business can grow and expand as far as your territory can reach. Many dealers pick up additional market areas and operate them like low cost dealerships. You can make your home based business the best new business opportunity by adding a little hard work. Your efforts will help you grow your home based business beyond your expectations.

family-dog-fenceYou can add Dog Guard products to an existing business to increase sales and expand your business! As a new business opportunity, you can sell complimentary services to local home owners. By offering Dog Guard as a secondary product line you can create an incremental revenue stream from your existing customer base. Whether you are a kennel owner, dog trainer, pet store owner, fence contactor, landscape contractor, or independent business owner, Dog Guard is an easy, natural addition to help grow your existing business and enhance your bottom line.

Top Start Up Business

Why Wait? Call TODAY! Area Dog Guard dealerships with this kind of sales and earnings potential are available now! Call Dog Guard President Bill Drew at (800) 865-0495 extension 203 for more information and to see if the best business to start up has an opening in your area! You can be the next Dog Guard Dealer, call for more information and details.