Happy New Years

Happy New Year 2014! May your year be full of fur and fun with your favorite dog! The folks at Dog Guard wish you and your furry family the best for 2014!

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from your friends at Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing! We hope you and your family have an awesome holiday season! If a new dog or cat is in your holiday plans, remember that good fences make happy dogs and cats!

Canine Body Language (part 8)

Putting It All Together—The Whole Dog The messages dogs communicate with their body language can be subtle, but with careful attention, most people can learn to recognize and interpret the most important meanings. It’s crucial to know when your dog’s happy, when he’s...

Canine Body Language (part 7)

Overall Body Posture Dogs also use their bodies to communicate their intentions. In general, dogs either try to look normal, smaller or larger. If your dog’s feeling happy and contented, he’ll look normal—relaxed muscles and weight evenly balanced on all four feet....