Dog Guard Dog of the Week

Check out the furry kids in Michigan! Happy Newfies now can romp and play without their people worrying about them running off! Having a Dog Guard fence is the best thing you can give your fur-kids! Freedom to run but not escape the yard! Read more about their story...

Come on, Make My Day

Are you sure your dog is not more like your kid? Always wanting to eat your food, play with your computer, never wants to move out and always wants to drive your car??

Therapy dogs go to Oklahoma

Two of Ponca City’s therapy dogs were called into service this week to work with victims of the Moore tornado. Tyler was deployed Thursday with his handler Becki Sheets-Klinger. Wesley and his handlers T.L Walker and Zac Robertson went down on Saturday. “We were not...

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to all the men, women, families, and canine heroes who have served in all conflicts, foreign and domestic.

Whats on for summer fun

Any fun ideas for sharing a meal with your dog? (we do not recommend this meal for more than a laugh!) Summer fun is here, remember to include your dog in all your activities!

Top 10 Dog Cities

top 10 picks 1. Portland, OR The Rose City boasts 33 dog parks, “the most per capita of any large city in the United States.” Dogs can also enjoy 19 pet massage therapists while owners enjoy a personal social network for dog lovers. Together they can drink and dine at...