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Dog Guard® Out Of Sight Fencing®

Dog Guard® Out Of Sight Fence® understands: Your dog is family.

out of sight dog fence

We Love Your Dog Too!

Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight®  Dog Fence  knows just how important it is that your dog leads a safe and happy life. Dog Guard® “Out of Sight Fencing” allows your dog the freedom he deserves and provides you with peace of mind. Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight® Electronic Dog Fencing is a safe, affordable alternative to conventional fencing.

Dog Guard®  offers Out-of-Sight® Electronic Dog Fencing, veterinarian-approved, combination of animal training and state-of-the art electronics. Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Electronic Dog Fencing is a unique 2 zone T-4 transmitter allows a wide variety of corrections to be set for your pet at the transmitter depending on your dog and it’s temperament


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